Casting Call - It's Only a Play



“It’s Only a Play”

By Terrence McNally

Produced by

Holly Lessing

Directed by
Karen Abbatiello

Assistant Directed by
Lynda Chornomaz

Director Karen Abbatiello seeking:

5 Males (Playing Ages 25 – 60)
2 Females (Playing Ages 25-35, 50-70)


Age Range


James Wicker

Male 35-45

An egotistical but insecure comic actor who passed up a chance to star in the play for a television series.

Peter Austin

Male 35-45

James’s former best friend. The nervous and excitable playwright, desperate to reach the level and status of iconic playwrights of the past.

Julia Budder

Female 25-45

A first-time producer of the Broadway play The Golden Egg and one of the few genuinely nice people in the group.

Ira Drew

Male 35-50

 Insecure theater critic with writing aspirations of his own. Humors himself with jokes that he accentuates with a very unique laugh.

Frank Finger

Male 40-60

The egomaniacal, “genius” British director.

Virginia Noyes

Female 50-70

 Dissolute star of the play: She wears an ankle monitor and drinks and snorts cocaine throughout.

Gus P. Head

Male 25-35

Polite, somewhat niave farm boy who checks the coats and hats but has aspirations for a Broadway career. Has a beautiful singing voice which he demonstrates for a calming effect. 

Auditions will be held at the


Located at 689 Amwell Road, Hillsborough

Directions to SVP

Sunday, June 18th at 7PM
Monday, June 19th at 7PM


Readings will be from the script.


Somerset Valley Players are committed to diverse, inclusive casting.  Non-descript roles are available to all performers, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, disability, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other basis. 


Please email with any questions.


The show runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.
September 8th through September 24th.


For further information call 908.369.7469