Casting Call - Charlotte's Web


Joseph Robinette

Produced by

Emily M. Muller and Roberta Steve

Directed by:
Ed Hayden

Sponsored by:

The Piano Studio

The Piano Studio owned and operated by Denise Gonsiewski when you are ready to learn how to play the piano.  All ages welcomed!

Director Ed Hayden is seeking the following:

5 or more Adult Males (Age 20+)
5 or more Adult Females (Ages 20+)
5 or more Youth Males (ages 9-19)
5 or more Youth Females (ages 9-19)

CharacterAge RangeDescription
Fern    Tween-TeenA young girl who has a passion for animals. She has a motherly nature and a big heart.
Avery  Tween-TeenFern’s brother who is very active. He loves to play and joke around.
Mr. Arable (John)  Late 30’s – 40’sFern’s father who is a stern man set in his ways.  
Mrs. Arable (Martha)  Late 30’s – 40’sFern’s mother who always looks out for her family.  
Wilbur  Tween-TeenA pig who is sensitive and vulnerable and loves making friends.
Homer Zuckerman – Fern’s Uncle30’s – 40’sFern’s uncle who lives nearby. He owns a farm and has many animals.
Edith Zuckerman – Fern’s Aunt30’s – 40’sFern’s aunt who is kind and honest.
Lurvy  20’s – 40’sA worker at Zuckerman’s farm. He is active and hard-working.
Templeton  FlexibleA rat – crafty and selfish, he collects and stores bizarre odds and ends, only does things to help himself
Charlotte  Teen-AdultA spider who is true to her word and befriends Wilbur.
Goose / Gander  Teen-AdultAlways together, both stutter, are protective of their eggs/children
Goslings / Sheep / Lambs    Youth – TeensBarnyard animals, interact with Wilbur, friendly/curious
Chorus (3)Teen-AdultPartial Narrators – must work well together, & respond quickly to each other – very expressive
UncleTween-AdultLarge Pig, very arrogant, somewhat condescending to Wilbur
Reporter / Photographer / Spectator’s / Judges / Fairgoers / AnnouncerFlexible – Youth through Adult neededEnsemble roles, may be doubled

Auditions will be held at the 


Located at 689 Amwell Road, Hillsborough. 

Directions to SVP

Sunday, December 4th at 6:00 PM
Monday, December 5th at 7:00 PM

Readings will be from the script, provided at auditions. Please dress in comfortable clothing.  You only need to attend one night of auditions.
Please bring a resume and head shot if you have one (not necessary if you do not). Rehearsals will be 2-3 evenings per week, Sundays – Thursdays.
Rehearsal schedule will be set after show is cast. Please be prepared to list potential conflicts for rehearsals and performances.
The show runs Fridays at 8PM, Saturdays and Sundays at 2PM.
March 10th through March 26th.

  For further information call 908.369.7469