Casting Call


Neil Simon

Produced by

Todd Bennington and Holly Lessing

Directed by:
Todd Bennington


Director Todd Bennington is seeking the following:
6 Adult Males
3 Adult Females
Ages: 20’s – 70’s+


Age Range


Eugene Jerome



The narrator of Broadway Bound.  He is the voice of Neil Simon.  Eugene is witty and quick with a joke.  He is trying to be a comedy writer with his brother, Stanley.  He cares deeply for his family and understands their hardships and heartbreaks throughout the play.

Kate Jerome



Eugene’s mother.  Strong and hard-working.  Puts up a happy front to keep her family intact even as her own marriage crumbles.  She takes care of her family and is the care-taker of her father, Ben.

Stanley Jerome


Late 20’s – early 30’s

Eugene’s brother.  He is driven and high-strung as he and Eugene try to break in to show biz as comedy writers for CBS.  He is devoted to his brother and to his family.

Ben Epstein



Eugene’s grandfather.  Kate’s father.  He is estranged from his wife.  He is an old stubborn Socialist who doesn’t understand his grandsons’ comedy.  Although a rock, he cares for his family in his own way.


Jack Jerome



Eugene’s father.  He has become tired of the monotony of life…and his marriage to Kate. 

Blanche Morton


40’s –50’s

Kate’s widowed sister who is now re-married and is wealthy.  She clashes with her Socialist father who doesn’t understand her new life.   

Radio Announcer



Small role.  Enthusiastic radio personality

Chubby Waters



Small role.  Chubby is a radio comedian.

Mrs. Pitkin



Small role.  Mrs. Pitkin is a radio actress.  She is quick with a witty comeback.

Auditions will be held at the


Located at 689 Amwell Road, Hillsborough

Directions to SVP

Sunday, October 29th
at 6:00 PM
Monday, October 30th

at 7:00 PM


Call backs, if necessary

Thursday, November 2nd

at 7PM


The show runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 2 pm
January 19th through February 4th.



Readings will be from the script.  Audition sides will be provided.  Auditioners will also be asked to do a monologue.  Monologue sides will be provided at the audition.