Casting Call


Maxwell Anderson

from William March’s novel

Produced by

Karen & Dominick Abbatiello

Directed by:
Holly J. Kowalenko

Assistant Directed by:
Roberta Steve

Sponsored by:
State Line Aviation, LLC

State Line Aviation, for all of your airplane maintenance and inspection needs. 

Directors Holly Kowalenko and Roberta Steve are seeking the following:
6 Adult Males
4 Adult Females
1 Young Female (age 10-12)


Age Range



Rhoda Penmark

Girl, 10-12 (or child actor who can appear in this range)

Rhoda appears on the outside to be the perfect little girl. Bright, courteous, and inquisitive. Despite flashes of anger, she is able to fool her parents and others. Inside she is a liar, manipulator, and murderer. 

Christine Penmark


Female, 30s

Christine is Rhoda’s mother. She is loving and refined yet anxious about vague memories from her past.  She is emotionally sensitive with concerns about aspects of her daughter’s behavior.

Monica Breedlove


Female, 40-50+

Monica is the landlady and upstairs neighbor of the Penmarks.  She is nosy about their business, but genuinely good-hearted.  She fancies herself an expert on many topics and is completely blind to Rhoda’s dark side.


Miss Fern

Female, 40-50+

Miss Fern is Rhoda’s principal at a private school.  She is suspicious of Rhoda and senses that the little girl is not what she seems.  Prioritizes her school’s reputation and her own social standing.



Mrs. Daigle

Female, 40s

Mrs. Daigle is the grieving mother of a student from Rhoda’s school who dies in an accident.  She is working class and earthy, who is jealous of Christine’s “perfect” life.  Despite her heartbroken, drunken demeanor she sees through Rhoda’s veneer.


Kenneth Penmark

Male, 30-40

Christine’s husband and Rhoda’s father.   He’s an ambitious Army officer whose frequent absences disturb Christine.  He is a doting father and Rhoda has him completely wrapped around her little finger.

Emery Wages


Male, 40-50

Monica’s younger brother.  Friendly but more taciturn than his sister.  Never married for which he is teased.  Likes to prick holes in his sister’s assumed expertise.



Male, 40-50

The janitor/handyman in the apartment building.  He is lazy and slovenly and resentful of the affluent people he works for. Considers himself smarter than they are despite his station in life.  He is the one person who sees through Rhoda goody-two-shoes facade.

Reginald Tasker


Male, 40-50

A friend of Monica and Emory.  He writes detective stories and has made himself an expert in the history of crime.  He is especially fascinated by a serial killer named Bessie Danker, who was beautiful and ruthless and never caught.

Mr. Daigle/Messenger


Male, 40-50

Father of Rhoda’s classmate believed to have drowned  in a tragic accident.  Embarrassed by his wife’s drunken outbursts.  Doubles in walk on as messenger.

Richard Bravo


Male, 60+

Christine’s father. An esteemed news reporter renowned for his reporting during WWII and his coverage of the Bessie Denker case.  He loves Christine dearly but lives under the strain of keeping a secret from her.

Auditions will be held at the 


Located at 870 River Road, Hillsborough. 

Directions to SBRC

Tuesday, July 26th at 7 p.m.
Thursday, July 28th at 7 p.m.


The show runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.

October 21st through November 7th.

For further information call 908.369.7469